We're All About The Session!

Buccaneer Sessions is a location-based  “Community App” specifically aimed at action and adventure sports, connecting places (beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, hills, mountains and crags) to the people that use them

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Buccaneer Sessions is all about connecting you to the amazing locations we... 

  • Connecting you to the amazing locations we kite, surf, sail and ride

    Buccaneer Sessions is a new community app designed for action and adventure sports, utilising the latest in mobile technology to connect locations, sports and activities with those who enjoy them.

    Join our collective - find new spots, create and join sessions, get messages, news and session alerts from locations, local businesses, pros or friends. Never miss an opportunity to get out there and do the things you love.

  • Commitment To The Environment

    All of the Buccnaeer merchendise is sustainably sourced. We try to find organic or recycled products where we can and ensure that our suppliers are committed to fair trade.

    Where possible all of the logo printing on our garments is water based, so when you wash them we are not washing plastic down our drains and in to the Sea!!

    We will use minimum plastic packaging. If we can help it, we will use none!!